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It all started with Episode 1 of "X & Y On The Fly -- Dating Podcast", recorded in June of 2006 using free software and the microphone that came with the computer.


"I happened upon your show 'X & Y On The Fly' and just wanted to let you know you and your wife are awesome. I think you're the first real people I have actually listened to who were actually real and not made up. Thanks for doing the show and I cant wait for the next episode."

-- James


Today there are four audio podcasts. With up to 10,000 downloads per day and a listener base that spans over 140 nations the growth curve continues to get steeper.

So the time for X-NET has come. Enter the X & Y Communications Worldwide Mediacasting Network.


"I just started listening to Online Dating Profile Rating. I listened to 3 at a time when I could till I was caught up. It's an amazing show I wish it was 4 hours long, I just love it! I just wanted to say keep up the good job and thanks for being such an awesome service."

-- Amber (Boston, MA)


The current podcasts are all within the X-NET family of shows, as you would expect. With so many different new and cool technologies coming online thanks to the magic that is today's Internet, "mediacasting" really is the right way to describe what's happening these days.


"The Mountain Top show totally kicks butt big time. I appreciate your efforts and words of wisdom with your podcasts and I look forward to the new Power Sessions. You are giving Dave DeAngelo a run for the money."

-- Edward (Massachusetts)


Other podcasts and video shows will continue to be introduced and/or incorporated in the future, all united under a common commitment to excellence. With the branding familiarity of X-NET, even as content goes way beyond dating and relationships you will always be able to recognize that the exacting standards of X & Y Communications are always at the foundation. Quality and character are now and will always be at the forefront, always brought to you in an action-packed, highly informative and always entertaining package.



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X & Y On The Fly--Where It All Began

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Online Dating Profile Rating

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